How can I communicate with you ?

You can contact us at email: piliotis@gppiliotis.gr or by phone at 2104222832 , hours 9:00 to 17:00 . If it is impossible contacting the above hours you can send us an e-mail with your details and how you wish to contact and we will be happy to get in touch with you or simply use the ¨ button to Ask call you "

Problem with communication via e-mail

If you have sent us e-mail and you have not responded within 24 hours then please check if your email is not in our junk mail in your inbox , or you have given us your correct email contact form . In any case we will be happy to contact us

I registered as a user but can not login

Make sure you put the right password in case you can not connect, you can press the button lost password and a new password will be sent automatically to your e-mail  Just log in to your account using the give password. Then we would recommend for your own safety to change your password

The product that I did not have my size , I can not find it ;

If there is not your size , that means it is anavailable. In this case you can contact us either by email or by phone to let you know if we repeat again the model

How can I order ;

The order process is now in the most simple way .

Select the design you like , select the number and then press the basket. There you will see in detail the design color and size you choose.

You can continue shopping or go to the shopping cart and complete your order .

If you want to see the transport fee  in assessing transport and filling of the region , you see immediately the transport fee

Continue clicking Buy and then you can either make your purchase as a guest filling the form elements that are required either to register as a new customer to have the ability to monitor your order and your history .

Follow the steps in the order picking to shipping address and payment method, you can also add a comment and then pressing the order confirmation you have completed the process .

At checkout , you will be sent an automatic e-mail with the message that your order is pending and will reflect in detail your order , the value of the items and shipping costs .

If you have any comments or suggestions you can send us your comments in e-mail: piliotis@gppiliotis.gr or by phone at 2104222832 , hours 9:00 to 17:00

Then, within 24 hours of your order you will receive an informative e-mail where you indicated that your order " processes " which means that the products collected are checked and packed so that they can be delivered to you as soon as possible.

When the dispatch of your order , then we will come third email stating that your order has been completed and the link in the email you can track your order via the site of our courier

How can I cancel my order and by when can I cancel it ;

In order to keep delivery times , make sure to send your order immediately , but you can cancel your order either by email or by phone by the time you make it to the point that you will be sent notification email where you indicated that your order is processed

How can I pay my order ;

You can pay your purchases in the following ways :

1) By delivery : In this case pay the amount to the courier

2) credit card . We accept all major credit cards Mastercard and Visa

3) By Paypal

What are the costs of transport ;

The transporation cost is 4 € for orders up to 29.99 €. For orders 30 € and above the transporation cost is free all over Greece.

Can I change the product purchased ;

After receiving the product and if you are not satisfied , or change in size , color, you can change it within 14 days of receipt, provided the product is unused and returned in original packaging .

If the product does not meet the above requirements will be returned to sender .

The return costs are borne by the sender and overall is 5 euros

To change your product , please fill out the return form on the bottom of the menu .

Please Remember to write down the order number and the product code such as that shown in documents sent to you with your initial order.

Then you will get email information which will show the status of your refund (pending , approved , etc. ) .

If the change is approved, then you can proceed to order the replacement product , noting at the comments the return number  so we will be able to calculate correctly the change and not be seen as the original order .

Once approved we will send you the new product and on delivery you will send the old one back to us. The total depit is 5 euros, only with the reccomended couriers by us.

For returns that exceed the period of 14 days , then we can delcine the change of the product .

The address for returns of products is:


Philon 53

18535 Piraeus

Please select Speedex Courier for your repayments in order to allow compliance with the conditions and prices , and that no additional charge for the cost of transport

Refunds are issued ;

Refunds are issued within 14 days. In this case the return transportation cost is yours. Also the product should be at the original package including the delivery documents.

Refunds are issued only if the product was sent to you is proven fault and our defective . In this case, contact us at 2104222832 and inform you about the whole process of return. In this case, the transportation costs are entirely our own, and on change and the cost proapostolis . If you do not want any other product then after receiving the product from us, we will refund your money in a bank account that you will set us

Can I change only through internet?

You can make the change of your products , our physical store (Piraeus , 53 Philohos str) .

What is the Gift voucher ;

The gift voucher is a gift that you can do to your friend , instead of ordering your shelves you can give her any amount of  money to buy the shoes that she wants . With a simple process as the order buy the amount you want and just made ​​our deposit in our account , automatically we will email your friend the code of the Gift voucher.

She can make the  order , and indicate the gift voucher  code that has been sent to her email immediately and the amount is deducted from the order .

If the voucher exceeds the amount of the order , the balance shall be credited to the account and can make use of the balance of the gift certificate on her next order by filling just again the voucher code .

A clever solution giving a pair of shoes and also  the joy of shopping!

I have a question that is not included in the above questions.

It is our great pleasure to contact us for any query , question clarification and information you need even for questions that are within the above list . Contact with the contact form or piliotis@gppiliotis.gr or 2104222832

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